Angel Ruler of Scorpio

zodiac cube in grayscale

Dear Angel Friends,

In addition to our Primary Birth Guardian Angel, we have a Zodiac Primary Guardian. This guardian is also with you at all times and is also most persistent in attempting to get your attention. We have recently entered into the sun sign, Scorpio where Barakiel is Guardian Angel. If you were born between October 23rd and November 21st, Barakiel is your Zodiac Guardian. Of course, you can call upon the energies of Barakiel even if you’re not Scorpion born, as his guidance will be provided to you as well, but those under his primary guardianship will have Barakiel’s energy by their side always.

So what can Barakiel help us with? The answer is new ventures and major life changes. When taking on a new venture, Barakiel can help you evaluate your opportunities for success. He can help you discern the pros and cons before you move forward with a project or a life change. He will bring clarity, helping you see what is really needed to accomplish your goal. Barakiel will help you to evaluate whether or not what you are considering is in your best interest at this time. Sometimes the project is right but the moment to start is not and waiting a period of time before moving forward is in your best interest. Once your decision is made to move forward, Barakiel can then guide your action steps along your path to success. If Barakiel is not your primary angel, at this point he might encourage you to pick up the action step guidance from your primary guardian, or maybe he will decide it best to work alongside your primary guardian. Take your cue from Barakiel – he’ll never let you down.
In Love, Light and Angel Blessings,                                                                                      Pamela

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