Archangel Sandalphon

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The angels communicate to us in various ways. Some receive through seeing (clairvoyance), some hear (clairaudience), feel (clairsentience), or just know (claircognizance). The angels are nudging me to talk about Clairaudience.

Clairaudient messages come from the angels in many ways. For example, you might hear words, phrases or sounds out loud as if someone was speaking (such as calling your name) but no one is there, or you may actually overhear someone’s conversation with a message that seems to apply directly to you. You may also hear these words, phrases or sounds silently, which is similar to how you “hear” when you read to yourself. Today, the angels want me to bring to your attention the role music plays in receiving messages Clairaudiently.

How does music provide messages from the angels? The answer to that question is as varied as there are individuals listening to that music.  Most people think music is received only through their ears, when in actuality, the vibration music emanates is absorbed through the heart chakra which in turn effects your mood through emotions.  This is why listening to some music is relaxing, other music brings nostalgic feelings, while other music can leave a person agitated. The type of music we listen to has meaning.

Archangel Sandalphon is the Angel of Music. He helps us to receive angelic messages Clairaudiently.  If we are in need of comfort, call to Sandalphon and he will guide you to listening to, or noticing, music that brings you comfort and a sense of well being. If you are in need of answers for your next action step in any given situation, call to Sandalphon and he will guide you to listening to, or noticing, music that provides you with answers or action steps needed for making your situation better. You get the idea!

Some ways that you might receive these messages from Sandalphon include scrolling through the radio stations and you just happen to stop at a station playing a song with lyrics that answer your question or seems to comfort you. Or, you may get a song stuck in your head with lyrics that directly apply to your situation, and you notice. Or, you may be standing on line at a checkout counter and hear the perfect song come over the intercom – one that has meaning to you regarding your question or concern.  These are just a few ways Sandalphon will get your attention! You just need to notice!

Clairaudient messages do not just come by way of “hearing voices.” While that is one method of receiving, Clairaudient messages come from the angels in many ways and the angels tailor your messages just for you!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings.


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