Message from the Angels

Angel in heaven over purple sky background

Dear Angel Friends,

This message comes directly from the Angels today. It was brought into my awareness both claircognizantly and clairaudiently.

Disconnect from the mass mindset that you are separate from one another and embrace the thought that you are all part of the same energy mass. By opening your mind to this concept, you will live a happier life because you will understand that if you express and act on good thoughts and deeds toward others, you are expressing positive energy toward yourself. But the opposite is also true.

We ask that before you act on a situation, give yourself a moment to reverse it and imagine yourself on the receiving end. Then, “act” according to how you would prefer to be treated. We want you to understand that energy is eternal, with no beginning and no end. So, that what you put out, you bring in and what you bring in, you put out.

Ask us to help you begin to let go of the exclusion mindset that you (and we) are all separate and ask us to help you come to the understanding that you (and we) are all connected. It is at that time of understanding,  you will benefit greatly.

Thank you Angels for this message.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam

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