Story Update: Message from Heaven

FEBRUARY 9, 2019

Story Shared by Patricia McNamara Cassidy

The following is an account of just some of the many signs Patricia received from Heaven after the passing of her beloved brother, John Edwards in June 2018. John lived in Red Lodge, Montana and in 2015 was inducted into the Rodeo Historical Society Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. 

June 30: After Emma’s play ended, and we were leaving our seats today, as I walked up the aisle, I looked down and saw a white fluffy feather at the base of the leg of a seat along the way. I picked it up, and when I got home, I looked up the meaning of finding a white feather: When you find a white feather it comes to you from someone who has departed with a message that they are well and happy on the other side and watching over you. What would be the chances of finding a feather in the theater? WOW! It has made me very happy.

July 18: I’m still finding feathers and it is now July 18th. Somebody up there loves me, and is watching out for us. Love never ends!!!

July 22: Today Harry and I went up to the shrine in Stockbridge for the chaplet. Nice ride, beautiful Mt. top church, and gift shop. I asked for a feather this time and coming out from the shop there was a white feather! Isn’t it mind boggling!!! So many feathers at the time of John’s death…

August 4: Last night Mom and I went out for dinner and when we let the restaurant, as I looked down in front of me there was another feather. A large black one. I could not believe it!!! Mom was taken back a little because this is happening so often… Wow!
August 5: I came out of church and noticed what I thought might have been another feather, next to the church in the parking area. It is a black butterfly with blue and white tips on its wings and tiny specks of pink above them. It does not look dead; wings expanded and perfect in every way. I am keeping it. What do you make of this, my angel friend? It looks alive as if it could just take flight. It is so beautiful!!!!

August 29: The feathers are still appearing. Today I found one when I went to get Mom’s mail out of her mailbox.

September: After returning home from Red Lodge, Montana for the celebration of my dearly loved brother, and Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Famer, John Edwards, I found my last feather… in all places….. in my refrigerator! A small very black feather – two inches long and very thin… I did not know it was a feather at first, and, when I did, I turned to my husband, and I asked if he was playing a joke on me…. and he of course, was not! It seemed like that was the final “Get it, it’s me!”… from my brother. NO more feathers after that.

Patricia, thank you so much for sharing. I hope this helps others who may be going through the loss of a loved one. If just one single feather falls to their path, they will now undoubtedly know, it’s a Message from Heaven. Much love to you…

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam


January 26, 2019: Contributed by Daniel Sweatt

Hey Pam my name is Daniel and I would love to share a image of my guardian angel Michael and tell my story. At the time I was working for a old security company. I was going through tough times and I needed God the most Jesus Christ. I was sitting in my car when I needed a sign from God to tell me that everything would be okay and that I was loved. I took a picture of a store light while I was parked in my car. I was soo amazed on what came out. I believe that the angel image I saw was my guardian angel Michael sent by God telling me that God loves me and is always there with me guiding my paths. My guardian angel even was with me before I was born and he saved me several times in my life, almost being shot by a bullet, car hit and health wise. God is always with me and also was with me before I was born. Here is my guardian angel named Michael as well as my YouTube video on my guardian angel. Please share this because it would mean so much to me and that God loves everyone and is always there for you when you call on him and seek him and is always there waiting for you because he loves you. Thank you and God bless. (To view Daniels image go to the comments section of the Everyone Has a Guardian Angel post.)

Thank you for sharing your story, Daniel. Know that the angels are always with you. I’m so happy that you received confirmation at your time of need. In Love, Light, and Angel Blessings, Pam

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