Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

wings of angel on the blue sky
Dear Angel Friends,

Did you read yesterday’s story update, Messages from Heaven, contributed by Patricia McNamara Cassidy? She gave an account of finding feathers numerous times and in all different locations shortly after her beloved brother, John, passed away. It was so clear to her that these findings were messages to let her and her mom know that John, in Heaven, was fine. 

On another occasion, shortly after he passed away Patricia was clearing out her mom’s house getting it ready to sell. While she was there she distinctly heard John say, “Hi Pat.” The next day she went to see her mom at the nursing home (she’ll be 98 next month!), and her mom said, “Guess what Patti…John said, ‘Hi Mom’ to me.” From this experience, both Patricia and her mom are convinced that John is well and happy on the other side and watching over them. Love is everlasting! 

Both Patricia’s feather stories and hearing John’s voice are examples of how the angels help our deceased loved one get us messages. The angels don’t want us to suffer with heartache and this is why they assist our loved ones in sending signs letting let us know they’re ok. In Patricia’s case, the signs came clairvoyantly (by seeing feathers), and clairaudiently (by hearing voices). 

If you have lost a loved one, don’t be surprised if you receive signs from above. It may not be through finding feathers or hearing your name called, but no matter how you receive, in one way or another, it will be heartwarming. Savor those feelings and recall them, bringing them back to you, any time you’re feeling sad over your loss.  It really does help.

I still miss my Aunt Rose who passed away several years ago. When she did, I would often feel a cool breeze brush up against my right leg. Every time I thought of her I would feel this breeze. As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this now, I can feel it, I can feel her presence – the one I’ve come to associate with the cool breeze on my right leg.  Thank you angels. Thank you Aunt Rose! xxoo

Oh yes, one last thing, when you do receive signs, make sure you thank the angels for helping you notice.  

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam 


2 thoughts on “Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

  1. Is there any indication why one would NOT receive signs? My father and mother both passed (father back in 2005 and mother in 2015)
    Despite the fact that we had all discussed how important signs or communication would be to those left behind, I have yet to see anything. Beginning to feel like they have moved on and up and forgotten.


    1. Hello,
      I had to ask the Angels for help in understanding why some people receive signs and some do not. This is what they explained to me.
      While a person who passes away leaves their physical body in a process called death, their soul never dies. In the same way that a person has responsibilities and life lessons to learn while on earth, so do souls have soul lessons they must attend to while in the non-physical. Depending on where a soul is in their process, determines the strength of their energy and it takes a fair amount of energy to send those signs we receive on earth. So some are able to and some are not as able. Some signs are stronger and more obvious and other signs are weaker or more subtle. Sometimes the angels help soul energies send signs to loved ones here on earth. But us loved ones need to ask the angels for help (it’s a free will thing).

      So, you might want call on the angels and ask them to help you receive a sign from your parents. Just know that signs come in many different ways, not just seeing things like finding coins or feathers. A sign could also come through hearing the words to a song that remind you of something your parents once said. Or catching a waft of fragrance that reminds you of your mother’s perfume or father’s aftershave, or looking up at the sky and seeing a cloud formation that has meaning. Even when thoughts of your parents pop into your mind, those are signs too. Signs can come in ways that we recognize through any of our senses.

      You may have been receiving signs all along but not realized it. Now you can be more aware of how the signs cone. Try to let go of any doubt and be open to receiving your signs in any form that they may come.

      But signs or not, never worry that your parents have forgotten you or moved on. You and your soul are part of their soul group, so you will always be connected. Know that your parents are always watching over you and will always, always, and forever, love you.

      I hope this has helped a little. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share with you.

      In Love, Light, and Angel Blessings, Pam


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