What are Angels?


Guardian angel sleeping

Dear Angel Friends,

This post is for those who are new to the world of angels and are curious. Here is a brief description of some basics. For more information scroll through any of my previous posts.

Ok, here goes…

Angels have been part of religious and spiritual belief systems since ancient times and while they are associated with organized religions, angels are non-denominational, gender neutral, celestial beings of light who want to help all people regardless of their religious affiliations.

These magnificent beings of light emit a frequency of pure unconditional love which vibrates at a frequency greater than our 5 senses can interpret. In order to commune with the angels, we must increase our vibrational frequency. Some ways to do this through meditation, yoga, or prayer.

The angels are always trying to get our attention, so they give us signs to let us know they are here for us.  Some ways they provide us with signs are by leaving feathers for us to find, or coins, or helping us notice number sequences, or songs with meaningful lyrics.

The angels are persistent in their effort to get us to notice and want to help us in all areas of our life but will not interfere unless we ask because we have Free Will Choice. (The exception to this rule is Archangel Michael, the angel of strength and protection). So make sure you ask the angels to be part of your life.

The angels never judge us. They only see our divinity and they love us unconditionally. The angels are always happy to help us – so watch for signs – they send many!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam

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