May_29Dear Angel Friends,

This past Sunday I did a talk and book signing at the Kingston Barnes & Noble. I was so pleased to meet and spend time with such a wonderful group of people and would like to thank all those who took time from their Sunday afternoon to join me.  I especially enjoyed the questions and sharing of stories following the presentation and then again afterwards when I got to speak with each person individually. The angels were all around us that day and now, I hope I have sparked an interest that leads you to developing an everlasting relationship with them (especially with your Guardian Angel).

Sometimes when I receive messages they come to me for someone else. When that happens I give the person the message (if they want it – remember the free will factor). Anyway, I received a message for one member of Sunday’s group today – but the reason I’m writing about it here is because it’s a message that many people will be able to relate to so I felt it important to share.

To the woman in Sunday’s group that said to me, “I’m just level one Reiki, not good enough to…” This is the message that came to me from the angels to you… “You are a healer and healers help people in different ways. Look upon your healing gift as being transmitted through a skill you call Reiki but which is actually part of a whole energy system of love healing. Know that your skill level of Reiki one matters not to those you work with because an assigned level is not where your healing comes from. Your healing gift comes solely from your heart. You are a true healer, a natural healer. Share your gifts with others often and with true authentic heart intention – as level matters not – and those will heal to their highest good point at this moment of time. Have awareness that in doing this work, so shall you heal yourself.”

Of course this message can relate to anything you are doing where you are feeling unsure of yourself – whether or not you’re doing “it” right or what you have to say is important enough for people to listen. It’s really all about self-confidence, or lack of. So, to help in any situation where you are insecure about yourself, a skill, a job,  role you need or want to play – call up Archangel Camael for help  in building a strong foundation so you can stand strong as you work toward developing whatever it is you wish to succeed at. Then call to Archangel Gabriel to help you manifest your hopes and dreams into reality. Enjoy the process.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam



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