A Valentine’s Day Message

watercolor wings and a heart isolated on white background beautifulDear Angel Friends,

Archangel Haniel, the Angel of Love, brings a message to you on Valentine’s Day.

Regardless of whether you have a romantic partner in your life, let this not be the only day you express your love to the world. To begin with, the person you must come to know and love, first and foremost, is yourself. Without love of self, it is very difficult to give and to receive love of others without conditions. This is called conditional love. These conditions may not appear evident because they are created through false images of self-doubt and insecurity and most often are not part of your conscious awareness. Something sparks the insecurity and then your protective defense scripts begin to take over –  if you really loved me, you would (or wouldn’t) do this…or that… Or , I’m alone and unloveable so, I must do this (or shouldn’t do that) and then I’ll be loved. And hence the conditions roll forth and on. 

Yet, your most beneficial defense against living with conditional love is to rid yourself of self-doubt and insecurity as much as is possible. Call upon me, Haniel, for help. Allow me to bring to you and surround you with pure unconditional love so that you may understand what it feels like. Breathe my love into your heart and  allow it to be absorbed into every cell of your body. Exhale all that is not love, releasing doubt and insecurity and all other non-beneficial thoughts and feelings. Bring in my love energy and know without a bit of  doubt that your are loved for now and through eternity. And so be the light of love for yourself and for all the world from this moment forward.  Much Love to You.

May this Valentine’s Day be blessed with love, whether for yourself, a special someone, the entire world, or all of the mentioned…let the light of love be shared today and each day of the year.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam






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