Be Kind to Yourself

Goldener Engelsflügel/Engel in warmem Licht

Dear Angel Friends,

The angels want us to practice kindness by first starting with being kind to ourselves. The angels see our inner beauty where often, what we see are only flaws.  The angels know our value as human beings – as they only see our Divinity. The angels love us unconditionally, and want us to love ourselves the same. They want us to know that kindness is not only for giving away to others (although spreading kindness is important), but they tell us that in being kind to ourselves, everyone wins.

If you have difficulty being kind to yourself or criticize yourself often in a very judgmental way, call to Archangel Camael, the angel of courage, for help. Ask for the courage to let go of self-judgement and inner negative talk that criticizes and keeps you feeling down. Ask Camael to help replace the negative talk with positive words and encouragement and repeat over and over and over.  Ask Camael to help bring your feelings about yourself to a place of appreciation for all you have accomplished in your life so far. Ask Camael to help you look at the future in a positive, enthusiastic way for all the good things you have yet to experience. Ask Camael to help you see your inner beauty as the angels see it – through the eyes of love. Do this daily if possible.

Your Daily request to Camael might be something like this:

Camael, Camael, Camael, please be with me now and help me to have the courage to let go of all the negative talk that keeps me feeling down. Please open my eyes to all I have already accomplished so that I may see my value and be inspired. And with this new sense of self-worth, help me to create the life I so deserve to live. In Love and Light, Love and Light, Love and Light. Thank you Archangel Camael.

Or Camael says you can simply say the following affirmation:

Through my eyes, I see my inner beauty. Through my heart, I cherish my inner beauty. Through my mind, I’m inspired by my inner beauty. Each day I send myself love and each day my beauty grows.  I accept these thoughts as part of me. And so it is.

By the way angel friends, Camael is my birth guardian because I was born on a Tuesday. She has helped me a lot on this score! I hope she can help you too.

In Love, Light, and Angel Blessings, Pam



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