Affirmation for Happiness

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Hello Angel Friends,

The angels have guided me to give you this affirmation today as a means of helping you put the energetic vibration of happiness into your surrounding energy field.  They suggest you take three slow deep breaths, then say this affirmation three times and do this each morning as you’re starting your day. They also suggest writing it down on a small piece of paper and carrying it with you, such as in your wallet, to use any time you are in need. Of course you could also memorize it.

Today I choose happiness as I embrace the day’s adventures. I honor with gratitude the opportunity for growth my journey provides even if I don’t understand the lessons right now. I do know that as I choose happiness today, my heart is filled with peace, comfort, and love. I know that each day as I choose happiness, it will become easier to allow joy into my life. Then one day on my journey, I’ll realize that being happy is just part of who I am.  And so it is. 

Have a Happy Day!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam



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