How to Ask for Guidance

Angel in heaven over purple sky background

Dear angel friends,

This is a simple question to answer but often we make it more difficult because we worry that we aren’t “doing it right.” There is no wrong way to ask the angels for help. In class I teach various ways to request help. Here, I’ve listed them for you so you can start to seek the guidance you need, knowing confidently that the angels hear you!

Five Ways to Ask for Guidance.:

Say it – call to the angels and ask out loud, for guidance regarding your concern.

Think it – call to the angels silently through your thoughts asking for their help.

Write it – write down your angels name and then your concern.

Visualize it – imagine the angels are with you, and “see” yourself stating your problem, asking for help.

Affirm it – affirm your situation solved by thanking the angels for their help, either out loud or silently (don’t worry about “how” it was solved – just affirm).

Once you have stated your concern and asked for help, now it’s time to let go and allow the angels to do their work! Be on the lookout for signs!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam




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