Unconditional Love with Haniel

Angel shaped nebula

Dear Angel Friends,

Archangel Haniel, angel of love and compassion, is here to help you experience unconditional love. What is unconditional love? To put it simply, it is love without conditions. To love unconditionally, we love without placing restrictions,  limitations, or stipulations on a relationship regardless of situations or circumstances.

So, how do we love someone unconditionally? Well, loving unconditionally doesn’t mean that you must always agree, but rather, you love someone regardless of whether or not you agree. You’re honest with that person, and speak the truth in a gentle, mindful way, especially if the subject matter is a difficult one.

Archangel Haniel tells us that before we can truly love someone unconditionally, we must first learn to express unconditional love toward ourselves.   If you are not accustomed to living in this way, Haniel has a few tips. Ask her to help you in any way that you find difficult.

  1. Begin to accept yourself as you are, in body, mind and emotions.
  2. Begin to forgive yourself for any situations or circumstances you previously self-judged or berated yourself over.
  3. Start to consciously release all negative thought patterns of self-talk and replace with positive self-talk.
  4. Find ways to comfort and play with your inner child and help your child feel safe, secure, and loved.
  5. Practice having self-compassion especially during times of feeling insecure or like a failure. Know that all experiences, successful and unsuccessful are important to your growth.

Ask Haniel for help in starting to express compassion and unconditional love toward yourself. For example you might say:

  1. Haniel, Haniel, Haniel, please be with me now and help me to begin to accept myself and all my emotions including joy, happiness, but also fear, shame, or regret.
  2. Haniel, Haniel, Haniel, please be with me now and help me to begin to forgive myself for all situations I preiously so harshly judged myself for.
  3. Haniel, Haniel, Haniel, please be with me now and help me to recognize when I am expressing negative self-talk and help me to rephrase with a positive outlook.
  4. Haniel, Haniel, Haniel, please be with me now and help me to comfort my inner child. Help me to take the time to do fun things with my inner child such as go get an ice cream cone or put music on and dance like no one is watching.
  5. Haniel, Haniel, Haniel, please be with me now and help me to have compassion for myself especially during difficult times.

You may want to start by keeping a journal of your experiences with Haniel. As you write down your entries for each of these five ways to work toward feeling unconditional love for self, you will be able to track your progress. This way if you get stuck anywhere along the path, you can ask Haniel for specific help along the way.

Once you know what unconditional love feels like, you will more likely be able to extend unconditional love to others.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam











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