Angels Suggest Re-Posts

person holding silver retractable pen in white ruled book

Dear Angel Friends,

The angels have encouraged me to write another book.  I’ve started this process but it has taken much of my free time and therefore I have not been posting new material to this blog.  This has bothered me greatly but the angels, as always, have come through!

The angels have suggested, and are even persistent in their nudging me, to repost some of my previous material. They give two reasons. First, if you have already read a particular post, and months or even a year has gone by, the angels explain that you are not the same person you were upon first reading. Everyday and every experience contributes to your personal growth. How you interpreted the material in the past may be different from how you experience the material today. So the angels suggest that you re-read these posts from the viewpoint of the new you, the expanded you, the you that has since grown.

Second, for those who are just beginning to read this blog, there is a wealth of information, exercises, and healings available and the angels suggest that you read through at your own pace and go back to the posts periodically to review the material. Above all, the Angels want you to enjoy.

Here’s an interesting lesson the angels want to tag onto this post. As I mentioned above, I’ve been bothered by not keeping up with my posts.  The angels have been trying to get this re-posting suggestion through to me, but I’ve not been listening (I am human and occasionally this does happen!). So, the angels found a way to get me to listen. They saw the opportunity to come through my friend while I was telling her about this dilemma. My friend immediately said, why don’t you re-post?  This is exactly what I needed to hear! And the lesson is – sometimes the angels come through other people providing us with what we need to know, though the words of a friend, an acquaintance, or even a stranger. In this case, the angels came through my dear friend Colleen. So thank you Colleen for being a conduit for this important angelic message that I so needed to hear!

Starting tomorrow posts will be coming through 2 – 3 times per week. Read them, contemplate, practice, work with the angels – and above all, know the angels are always with you, love you, and are here to help.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam


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