Affirmation for Abundance

Hello Angel Friends. Archangel Zadkiel, ruler of Thursdays, reminds us to reflect on our blessings often, and while doing so, realize that abundance is not judged by material wealth alone. Abundance comes in many forms including having loving family and friends (each their own blessing), good health, a place to call home, clothes to wear,Continue reading “Affirmation for Abundance”

Wednesday’s Guardian

Hello Angel Friends. Archangel Michael is your guardian if you were born on a Wednesday. Michael is the angel of strength and protection and can help you any time you are in need. Are you entering a situation where you find yourself uncomfortable or concerned for your safety? Do you have a job that requiresContinue reading “Wednesday’s Guardian”

Mini-Meditation with Camael

Hello Angel Friends. This mini-meditation can be done on any day with any angel. To start you off, here is a 10 minute meditation with Camael, Guardian of Tuesdays, to help you find the courage to: (you fill in the blank). Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths (ifContinue reading “Mini-Meditation with Camael”

Affirmation: Trust in the Angels

Hello Angel Friends. Did you know that the angels love helping us live the life that we desire? The angels help us in many different ways. If we are unsure about what it is we want out of life, we can call upon the angels to help us clarify our true heart’s desire. If weContinue reading “Affirmation: Trust in the Angels”

An Angel Story: Angel Sparkles

Hi Angel Friends. In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles. Angels are pure Love and Light energy. For some, angels manifest as sparkling light, but if you didn’t know that, you might overlook the signs that the angels are with you. This is a true story about Angel Sparkles. Most every night for as longContinue reading “An Angel Story: Angel Sparkles”

Thursday’s Guardian

Hello Angel Friends. If you were born on Thursday, your primary guardian is Zadkiel. Helping you identify and embrace the abundance in your life is one of Zadkiel’s gifts. Do you often speak of what you don’t have, what you wish you had, or what someone else has that you don’t? This is coming fromContinue reading “Thursday’s Guardian”