Affirmation for Happiness

Hello Angel Friends, The angels have guided me to give you this affirmation today as a means of helping you put the energetic vibration of happiness into your surrounding energy field.  They suggest you take three slow deep breaths, then say this affirmation three times and do this each morning as you’re starting your day.Continue reading “Affirmation for Happiness”

Be Kind to Yourself

Dear Angel Friends, The angels want us to practice kindness by first starting with being kind to ourselves. The angels see our inner beauty where often, what we see are only flaws.  The angels know our value as human beings – as they only see our Divinity. The angels love us unconditionally, and want usContinue reading “Be Kind to Yourself”

Imagine Good Thoughts

Dear Angel Friends, Napoleon Hill  once said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” This has been part of my belief system for a long time and relates very much to the law of attraction – that which is like itself is drawn. In other words, we bring into ourContinue reading “Imagine Good Thoughts”

An Angel Affirmation

Dear Angel Friends, An affirmation from the angels for you with love. The Angels watch over me always. When I am sad the Angels comfort me. When I am afraid the Angels protect me. When I feel alone the Angels shine their love and light upon me and fill me with their presence.  I knowContinue reading “An Angel Affirmation”

Today’s Affirmation

Hello Angel Friends. Today’s message from the angels is an affirmation they would like you to repeat, and repeat often. I am Confident. I am Strong. I am Grateful. Any positive affirmation will bring you a sense of empowerment. Try these, or create your own. Always keep it positive – coming from a position ofContinue reading “Today’s Affirmation”