An Angel Blessing

Dear Angel Friends, The angels send their blessings for each and everyone of you for your own individual needs right now. You may want to start and end the day with it, and/or repeat this blessing often throughout the day for as many days as feels right for you. When I repeat this blessing, afterContinue reading “An Angel Blessing”

Prayer of Saint Francis

 Saint Francis of Assisi,  Patron Saint of Animals and Nature  Dear Angel Friends, Archangel Raphael, angel of healing, is nudging me today to bring you the Prayer of Saint Francis.  This prayer is very dear to my heart. I worked over 10 years at Saint Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY and each morning at 8amContinue reading “Prayer of Saint Francis”

An Archangel Raphael Blessing

Dear Angel Friends, Here is a Raphael blessing and affirmation for you. In Love, Light and Blessings, Pam Archangel Raphael’s Blessing Let my healing ray of love surround and comfort you. Let my healing light shine through you and ease your pain. Let my blessings bestow upon you a sense of hope and faith. LetContinue reading “An Archangel Raphael Blessing”

Angel Healing for You

Dear Angel Friends, For those who need healing, here is an invocation to bring Archangel Raphael (angel of healing) to you for help. Archangel Raphael, Raphael, Raphael, please be with me now and bestow upon me your love, light and angel blessings. I ask that you shine your golden ray of healing light through andContinue reading “Angel Healing for You”

A Memorial Day Remembrance

  Dear Angel Friends, Today we remember the sacrifices that members of our armed forces have made and are making to help defend our way of life. May we extend our gratefulness to those who have served, and may the angels keep safe, those who are currently serving. A Remembrance to those in my life:Continue reading “A Memorial Day Remembrance”

An Angel Blessing

Hello Angel Friends, This angel blessing, “May Love and Light Forever Remain Within Your Heart” is an important blessing and message. Angel energy is of the highest vibrational frequency and this frequency is pure love and light. The angels want you to always remember  to hold their energy close to and within your very ownContinue reading “An Angel Blessing”