A Sign from Above

Dear Angel Friends, A friend shared a beautiful post on my FB timeline and with permission of the owners of the YouTube video, I am able to share this amazing story with you. If you have any doubt that our deceased loved ones go to Heaven, this video will reassure you they do. “A 97-year-oldContinue reading “A Sign from Above”

Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

Dear Angel Friends, Did you read yesterday’s story update, Messages from Heaven, contributed by Patricia McNamara Cassidy? She gave an account of finding feathers numerous times and in all different locations shortly after her beloved brother, John, passed away. It was so clear to her that these findings were messages to let her and herContinue reading “Signs from Deceased Loved Ones”

The Shallow

Dear Angel Friends, Have you seen the movie A Star is Born? It’s a romantic drama starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper – early in the movie the couple sings a beautiful duet called “Shallow.” Even if you haven’t seen the movie chances are you’ve heard the song on the radio. I mention this songContinue reading “The Shallow”

Uriel’s Candle Power

  Dear Angel Friends, Archangel Uriel is the governing angel for the fire element. The element of fire is associated with all things needing action. Action may be defined as anything that requires movement. This movement can be as large as life changes or as small as taking a walk. So anytime you are makingContinue reading “Uriel’s Candle Power”

No Mystery Involved

Dear Angel Friends, There is no mystery in how the angels commune with us. It may be different for different individuals, but basically the angels provide messages that can either be seen, heard, felt, smelled, or just “known.” Unless you are able to recognize their presence and understand how you receive their messages, you mayContinue reading “No Mystery Involved”

Reflect with the Angels

  Dear Angel Friends, The angels are here to help us look deep within the waters of our soul to see what we are reflecting back to the world. Do you like what you see?  Are you reflecting peace and harmony, or are the waters turbulent? Finding a way to soften your reflection is key.Continue reading “Reflect with the Angels”