An Angel Blessing

Dear Angel Friends,

The angels send their blessings for each and everyone of you for your own individual needs right now. You may want to start and end the day with it, and/or repeat this blessing often throughout the day for as many days as feels right for you.

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When I repeat this blessing, after each line, I add “thank you angels.”  You may want to do the same – see how it feels. But at the very least, thank the angels at the end.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam









How to Ask for Guidance

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Dear angel friends,

This is a simple question to answer but often we make it more difficult because we worry that we aren’t “doing it right.” There is no wrong way to ask the angels for help. In class I teach various ways to request help. Here, I’ve listed them for you so you can start to seek the guidance you need, knowing confidently that the angels hear you!

Five Ways to Ask for Guidance.:

Say it – call to the angels and ask out loud, for guidance regarding your concern.

Think it – call to the angels silently through your thoughts asking for their help.

Write it – write down your angels name and then your concern.

Visualize it – imagine the angels are with you, and “see” yourself stating your problem, asking for help.

Affirm it – affirm your situation solved by thanking the angels for their help, either out loud or silently (don’t worry about “how” it was solved – just affirm).

Once you have stated your concern and asked for help, now it’s time to let go and allow the angels to do their work! Be on the lookout for signs!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam




Find Your Passion

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Dear Angel Friends,

The message from the angels today is about finding your passion and then discovering ways of living it to the best of your means or ability. Have you identified your true heart’s desire? What is it that makes your heart sing? What activity do you love doing so much that you lose track of time when engaged? What is it that you love sharing with others or enjoy doing that makes you feel good about yourself? What brings you a sense of accomplishment or a feeling of peace and tranquility? What do you love doing that even though it’s work, it doesn’t feel like work at all because you love doing it so much? These are all questions that lead you to discovering your passion.

A passion can change over time too! What you loved doing at one time in your life may be different from what you love doing now. That’s because as we have life experiences, we grow – and as we grow we change. But through all our growth, there is an underlying core passion that ties everything together. I’ll give you my personal example.

When I was in my twenties and early thirties I loved teaching dance. It was my passion to  share my love of the dance with others –  teaching mostly children to express themselves through movement, I felt this could be very healing (it was for me from a young age so maybe it could help others), and I was living my passion and so happy. 

In my late thirties through early forties I was drawn to the energy healing arts and became a practitioner of Polarity Therapy where I practiced this and other energy healing modalities and in addition to the energy sessions, I taught my clients healing energy exercises so they could help themselves. It became my passion to help people find relief  from whatever dis-ease was affecting their happiness (it helped me as I went through a four year training process, so maybe it could help others), and I was living my passion and so happy. 

At some point during this time I became aware of the angels and as they became a strong part of my belief system, I began weaving the angels into my healing work, and later teaching about the angels. My passion changed again and now helping people connect with the angels so that they may find their way to receiving help from these Divine Beings became my passion (the angels have helped me, so maybe they can help others), and I was living my passion and so happy.

This takes me through my whole adulthood so far, from my twenties to sixties and in this time frame, while the focus of how my passion was executed (through dance, energy work, and angels) my underlying core passion has always remained the same… to help people – to be of service.  This is my forever passion, and, I am so happy.

Oh, the angels just now brought to my attention (claircognizantly) and wanted mentioned that – I  currently  incorporate energy healing work, energy exercises, and the angels into my healing practice now…so that what I’ve been doing for all these years is adding to my underlying core passion in accordance with my own personal growth process.  Brilliant! 

So, the angels want to know –  what is your passion? What do you do or want to do that makes your heart sign. Give it some thought, and feel free to ask Archangel Gabriel (angel of hopes and dreams) or one of your Guardian Angels for help in finding your passion. Life will be so much happier if you do.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam


When There Are No Signs

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Hello Angel Friends,

A reader posed a question the other day about what it means if you do not receive any signs from your deceased loved ones. I really didn’t know so I asked the angels for help. Of course they gave me clarity and I did pass it on, but thought it might be important to some of you to know also. So, this is about why you may not be receiving signs, or don’t realize that you are. It was explained to me that:

While a person who passes away leaves their physical body in a process called death, their soul never dies. In the same way that a person has responsibilities and life lessons to learn while on earth, so do souls have soul lessons they must attend to while in the non-physical. Depending on where a soul is in their process, determines the strength of their energy and it takes a fair amount of energy to send those signs we receive on earth. So some are able to and some are not as able. Some signs are stronger and more obvious and other signs are weaker or more subtle. Sometimes the angels help soul energies send signs to loved ones here on earth. But us loved ones need to ask the angels for help (it’s a free will thing).

So, you might want call on the angels and ask them to help you receive a sign from your deceased loved one. Just know that signs come in many different ways, not just seeing things like finding coins or feathers. A sign could also come through hearing the words to a song that remind you of something your loved one once said. Or catching a waft of fragrance that reminds you of your loved one, or looking up at the sky and seeing a cloud formation that has meaning. Even when thoughts of your loved one pop into your mind, those are signs too. Signs can come in ways that we recognize through any of our senses. So, you may have been receiving signs all along but not realized it. Now you can be more aware of how the signs come. Try to let go of any doubt and be open to receiving your signs in any form they may come.

But signs or not, never worry that your loved ones have forgotten you or moved on. You and your soul energy are part of their soul group, so you will always be connected. Know that they are always watching over you and will always, always, and forever, love you.

I hope this helps anyone who is wondering why they have not received signs. Letting go of the doubt and opening to receiving the signs in any form they may come is key!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam

Celebrate the Little Things

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Hello Angel Friends,

I was watching TV the other night and one person told the other how their parents used to “celebrate the little successes.” I thought wow – what a great idea…then the angels came to me nudging me to share that idea!

We’re often so busy that we don’t take time to acknowledge the little successes we have in life. The focus seems to be on the big things – landing the new job, getting married, or getting into college, etc. Yes, these are certainly events to celebrate – but so are the little success that led up to them!

What about the words of encouragement from your friend or relative that gave you the courage to apply for that job? The true success was in having the courage to apply. Why not celebrate your appreciation with that friend or family member – whether or not you end up getting the job! The success was in the trying!

Most married couples celebrate the anniversary of the day they were wed. But wouldn’t it be a nice tradition to celebrate the day of your first date? After all, without that first date you would have never been so blessed as to marry that wonderful spouse of yours!

Getting into college is cause for celebration for sure!  But how about celebrating the completion of your college application essay – a true and compelling essay and one that you’re proud of. Who knows, it may have been that essay that put you on the front lines for acceptance into the college of your choice.

The importance of celebrating the small successes is that it helps build self-esteem.  Each celebration creates a flow of “happy” thoughts out into your energy field. Giving attention to these positive moments in your life helps you to see all your strengths and achievements – not just the big ones. The more you acknowledge your accomplishments, the better you feel about yourself. The better you feel, the greater your sense of personal worth becomes, and as a result, the stronger your self-esteem.

So keep those happy thoughts and positive energy flowing! Begin to celebrate the small things in life – as the small successes you have accomplished have a tendency to accumulate and grow into the largest success of all, a healthy sense of self-worth!

Hummm, I’m going to make a list of those small successes I’ve had and start celebrating! How about you?

In Love, Light, and Angel Blessings, Pam

Love and Compassion for Self

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Hello Angel Friends,

Today the angels want me to bring to your attention the importance of Self-Love. If you are they type of person who often criticizes yourself – judging your thoughts or your actions more harshly than you would perhaps judge others given the same circumstances, today, the angels are talking directly to you!

When we are critical of ourselves we are blocking the flow of life-force energy (known as Chi or Prana). If we continue in this manner, eventually self-judgement becomes a pattern of behavior holding us hostage to our flawed thinking that we are less than, or less deserving than, something or someone else. Continuing in this way may lead to a “frozen heart,” one that blocks the flow of love energy in or out.

Archangel Haniel, the angel of love and compassion, is here to help. Whether your heart is frozen due to being overly self-critical, or you just need some help learning to love yourself, call to Haniel to be with you as you work through this exercise for holding yourself in love and compassion. (Note, Haniel asks that you pause after each statement below, giving yourself time to feel into the process.)

Place your hands upon your heart and take three slow deep breaths as you quiet the chatter of your mind by focusing on your breath – then continue to breath normally. 

Begin to feel the weight and warmth of your hands upon your heart.

Feel the warmth as you securely hold your heart in your hands.

Feel how safe and secure your heart feels being held by you.

Feel how safe you are in this moment.

Feel how secure you are in this moment.

Bring those feelings of safety and security into every cell of your body.

Say out loud or silently to yourself while still holding your heart – take a deep breath to help you feel into each statement.

“I am safe.”  Breathe

“I am secure.”  Breathe

“I let go of all self-judgements.” Breathe

“I release all negative self-talk.” Breathe. 

“I am perfect the way I am.” Breathe.

“I hold myself in love and compassion.” Breathe.

“Love and compassion.” Breathe.

“Love and compassion.” Breathe.

“And I do so, from this moment forward.” Breathe.

 Now hold these thoughts, hold these feelings…as you continue to hold your heart and breathe into it all for as long as is comfortable. Then slowly remove your hands from your heart, take a deep slow breath and if possible, drink a glass of water.

Don’t forget to thank Haniel for being with you!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam










Affirmation for Happiness

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Hello Angel Friends,

The angels have guided me to give you this affirmation today as a means of helping you put the energetic vibration of happiness into your surrounding energy field.  They suggest you take three slow deep breaths, then say this affirmation three times and do this each morning as you’re starting your day. They also suggest writing it down on a small piece of paper and carrying it with you, such as in your wallet, to use any time you are in need. Of course you could also memorize it.

Today I choose happiness as I embrace the day’s adventures. I honor with gratitude the opportunity for growth my journey provides even if I don’t understand the lessons right now. I do know that as I choose happiness today, my heart is filled with peace, comfort, and love. I know that each day as I choose happiness, it will become easier to allow joy into my life. Then one day on my journey, I’ll realize that being happy is just part of who I am.  And so it is. 

Have a Happy Day!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam



Stress Reduction Energy Exercise #3

Musical instruments, orchestra or a collage of musicHello Angel Friends,

This is day 3 of the energy exercises the angels have asked me to share with you. If you haven’t read about exercise 1 or exercise 2, why not go back and read it now?

Lazy 8’s is an exercise that balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain by having your eyes follow a pattern which crosses your body’s midline. It improves relaxation by providing a sense of calmness.

• Get comfortable either sitting or standing and make a fist with one hand with your thumb pointing up.

• Extend that arm straight out in front of you so that your thumb is opposite your nose (this is the midline).

• Focus your eyes on your thumb and slowly begin to move your arm in a Lazy 8’s motion (or Infinity sign pattern) following your thumb with your eyes only – keeping your head still.

• To start go up the midline, make a circle around to the left and down, back to midline and up, and circle around to the right and down, back to midline and up (to complete one Lazy 8 or Infinity pattern).

• Repeat this pattern several times making sure you are following your thumb with your eyes only – do not move your head.

SRESS REDUCTION TIP: Listening to music can change your mood and help reduce stress. Music holds a vibration that when listened to can alter your vibration to match it. So make sure the music you’re listening to is calming, relaxing, or happy – otherwise, well you know… :)!

Happy Balancing!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam

Stress Reduction Energy Exercise #2


Hello Angel Friends,

This is day 2 of the 3 day energy exercise series. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, go to it now to learn more.  The angels are asking me to give you three polarity yoga exercises (one each day for three days) that help balance your energy fields. Exercise # 2 can be done along with yesterday’s exercise as an add-on, or can be done separately as shown here.

Humming is an exercise that produces an almost immediate calming effect. You create a vibration within the skull by placing your hands in a certain position while you make a “hum” sound.

• Get comfortable either sitting at a table where you can rest your elbows, or in a chair leaning over with your elbows resting on your knees, or sitting cross-legged on the floor resting your elbows on your knees

• Place your thumbs in ears, with hands resting on the side of your head, arms supported

• With the lips slightly open make a “hum” sound (experiment with different pitches, higher and lower, to see which is most comfortable for you)

STRESS REDUCTION TIP: Drink a cup of chamomile tea! Chamomile has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It has many uses, but relevent to today’s tip,  chamomile has medicinal properties that include helping to promote relaxation, relieve stress and reduce anxiety. (Do not take if you are pregnant and use with caution if you suffer from plant-based allergies.)

Happy Balancing!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam