Affirmation for Abundance

stars on the dark

Hello Angel Friends.

Archangel Zadkiel, ruler of Thursdays, reminds us to reflect on our blessings often, and while doing so, realize that abundance is not judged by material wealth alone. Abundance comes in many forms including having loving family and friends (each their own blessing), good health, a place to call home, clothes to wear, food to eat and countless opportunities for growth. These are but a few of my blessings.

What gifts are you thankful for? What do the blessings in your life look like?  Is it a new job, a new relationship, a warm feeling of being comforted by a close friend or family member, or from a loved one no longer in physical form? Are some of your blessings disguised as learning tools providing opportunities for growth which you don’t realize are blessings until much later?

Take a few minutes to make a list of your blessings and share here if you feel so inclinded. By sharing you are making a statement to the world declaring your gratefulness, and in return, with your humble patience, your gifts will multiply in even greater abundance than before.

But if you’re stuck, don’t worry, ask Zadkiel to help you see the abundance of the blessings in your life, for surely they fill your world as the stars in the sky.

I welcome your sharing.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.



Wednesday’s Guardian


Hello Angel Friends.

Archangel Michael is your guardian if you were born on a Wednesday. Michael is the angel of strength and protection and can help you any time you are in need. Are you entering a situation where you find yourself uncomfortable or concerned for your safety? Do you have a job that requires a tremendous amount of strength, or are you a protector yourself, such as one dedicated to law enforcement or fighting fires? Call upon Michael to be with you and he will guide you through difficult days and situations.

Angels will not interfere with our free will and must be invited into our lives for us to receive their help and guidance. This is why it’s important to call to the angels to be with you. Archangel Michael is the only exception. Michael will come to assist you even if you don’t call to him provided it is not your time to have the experience. For example, have you ever heard of someone being in a car accident where a stranger appeared, helped them out of the car, and before the stranger could be thanked, they had disappeared? That stranger was Archangel Michael. He didn’t need to be called to, he showed up at the scene to help the person out of the car because it was not their time to have the experience. However, the person may have played an important role in an experience a police officer or paramedic (for example) needed in their life at that moment in time. We don’t see the big picture. But the Angels do.

So call upon Archangel Michael when you need strength and/or protection. Know that he will always be there for you. He will always show up!

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.

Mini-Meditation with Camael


Hello Angel Friends.

This mini-meditation can be done on any day with any angel. To start you off, here is a 10 minute meditation with Camael, Guardian of Tuesdays, to help you find the courage to: (you fill in the blank).

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths (if you like, go to the December 18th post for the full invocation process).

Then say:  Camael, Camael Camael, please be with me now and help me find the courage to __________________(Fill in the blank).  Sit for at least 10 minutes, thank Camael, then open your eyes and write down any thoughts or images that entered your mind. These are your messages from Camael.

Some examples to find courage include:

  • To find the courage to speak my true feelings without hurting others.
  • To find the courage to do what is necessary to get through the holiday season with as little stress as possible.
  • To find the courage let go of what is not serving me and bring in with the new year, all that is in my best interest.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.

Monday’s Guardian


Hello Angel Friends.

If you were born on a Monday, Gabriel is your guardian angel. Gabriel can help you when it comes to your aspirations. What are your hopes and dreams? Are you confused about what you truly want out of life? Do you need clarification? A direction? Do you need encouragement to take that first step, or motivation to keep on going when things get tough? Gabriel is here to help.

Gabriel is also the angel of communication and can be of assistance when you need help articulating your true thoughts and feelings. He will help you in any situation where you need to communicate clearly and precisely whether to an individual or to an audience.

Guardian of Mondays, but available to all, call upon Archangel Gabriel in all matters concerning your hopes and dreams as well as in times when you need to speak up either for yourself, someone else, or when addressing a crowd.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles

Affirmation: Trust in the Angels


Hello Angel Friends.

Did you know that the angels love helping us live the life that we desire? The angels help us in many different ways. If we are unsure about what it is we want out of life, we can call upon the angels to help us clarify our true heart’s desire.

If we are clear on our desires, we can call upon the angels to guide us in taking the needed actions steps to achieve our goals.

If we come across stumbling blocks along the way, we can call upon the angels to help us see the opportunities for growth these “stumbling blocks” provide.

Once our goals are met, we can call upon the angels to help us feel joy and to recognize and appreciate the abundance of our good fortune.

Yes, the angels are always here for us, but we must trust in them. It’s a most important factor when working with the angels. Trust that the angels will guide you toward living the life you desire and they most certainly will.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles

Saturday’s Guardian

Dec_23rdHello Angel Friends.

If you were born on a Saturday, Archangel Cassiel is your guardian. Cassiel is the peacemaker, the one who brings a sense of harmony and calmness into your life. If you are like many people I know, you are constantly on the go. Life has us multi-tasking more than ever before. The result of this fast-paced life is increased stress. If that stress becomes chronic, the possibility of developing stress related illnesses increases. So, if you’re overworked, overwhelmed, or having trouble juggling all your responsibilities, ask Cassiel to help you find ways to bring balance and harmony back into your life.

Remember that saying “Stop and Smell the Flowers?” Well, there’s a lot of power to that old cliché. And, one of the first things Cassiel suggests is to surround yourself with nature either physically or if that’s impossible, by looking at a plant, or a photograph or painting of a nature scene.

Cassiel can help anyone regardless of whether or not he is your Guardian. But of course, those born on Saturday will have an extra strong connection to Archangel Cassiel.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.

An Angel Story: Angel Sparkles

Hi Angel Friends.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles. Angels are pure Love and Light energy. For some, angels manifest as sparkling light, but if you didn’t know that, you might overlook the signs that the angels are with you. This is a true story about Angel Sparkles.

Most every night for as long as I can remember I would lay in bed before going to sleep and with my eyes wide open, looking up at my bedroom ceiling, I would see a field of sparkles as if I were looking at a sky filled with twinkling stars. Sometimes I would even close my eyes and see those same sparkles, some gold, some silver, blue, red, violet, all different colors at one time or another, brightly shimmering above until I fell asleep.

I thought everyone saw this when they fell asleep so I never gave it a second’s thought until one day, many years ago when I was taking an angel class with my mentor, Emmanuelle Pries and the conversation let to me mentioning it.

“It’s the Angels,” she said.

“What? Really” I asked?

“Yes,” she said, “those are angel sparkles and they are letting you know they are with you.”

I was so happy to learn this that from that day forward, when I see those sparkles, I’m filled with love, I talk to the angels, and always thank them for watching over me.

The angels show themselves to us in many ways and as I found out that day, Angel Sparkles are one way. Do you see sparkles when you go to sleep? How do angels manifest for you? Feel free to share your angel story.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.


Thursday’s Guardian


Hello Angel Friends.

If you were born on Thursday, your primary guardian is Zadkiel. Helping you identify and embrace the abundance in your life is one of Zadkiel’s gifts. Do you often speak of what you don’t have, what you wish you had, or what someone else has that you don’t? This is coming from a position of lack rather than abundance. Zadkiel can bring into your awareness all the abundances in your life. If you are in need of a clearer perspective of the blessings and gifts in your life, call to Zadkiel for assistance. You may call to Zadkiel whether or not he is your guardian. But if Thursday is the day you were born, know that your relationship with Zadkiel will be most strong.

So take a moment and think about the abundances in your life. Can you identify the areas where you are blessed? For me, abundance shows itself through my family and friends. I’m thankful for all the relationships in my life, even those that have been difficult, as they have provided me with opportunities for growth. Of course, I’m grateful for the angels in my life, for their guidance, their love and support and for continuing to  grace me with their messages.

I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to share your blessings and gifts of abundance in the comments below.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.

Friday’s Guardian


Hello Angel Friends.

Since today is Friday, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you the Guardian of those born on a Friday. So, if that is you, Archangel Haniel watches over you.

Haniel can help in all situations of the heart including loving and expressing love toward yourself in the form of self-appreciation. Are you someone who easily shows compassion toward others but tends to be critical of yourself? Is it easier to give love than receive love or equally difficult to both give and receive? Do you lack self-esteem and find it hard to express joy? Whatever the reasons may be, Haniel is here to guide and teach you how to open your heart to love, and to appreciate all your unique qualities. Call upon her for help in all matters pertaining to love, your self-image, or self-confidence and she will lovingly assist you in making the necessary changes that will allow you to live a happy, joyful life.

If you were not born on a Friday, Haniel can also help you in all areas noted above. But if you are a Friday-born child, your connection with Haniel will be much stronger. Don’t worry though, you have you’re own Guardian, so stay tuned!

One other thing I wanted to mention. Throughout my posts you’ll notice I use a “he” or “she” when refering to the angels. However angels have no gender, so don’t get caught up in it and rather just refer to the angels in the way that you feel comfortable.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.




Everyone Has A Guardian Angel


Hello Angel Friends.

The angels are around you all the time and love assisting you in all areas of your life. But did you know that at the moment you were born your Guardian Angel entered your life, has been with you ever since, and remains with you throughout your lifetime? This special angel watches over you, loves and guides you and is the angel that sends you the most signs and messages. Your guardian angel is the most persistent in trying to get your attention, letting you know they are with you and that you are never alone.

Your primary guardian is one of seven Archangels that govern the seven days of the week. The day on which you were born mandates which guardian is assigned to you.  Each of these seven angels have a “specialty” for helping in certain areas of life. You may call upon any of these angels for help if your problem or concern falls into their special category. But, your guardian will “oversee” everything to make sure you are being helped in a manner that is in accordance with your Highest Good.

While you may receive signs from many angels letting you know they are here to help in your times of need, and they will, your primary guardian is always by your side and will direct those angels so that you are best served. You may want to develop a special relationship not only with your guardian, but with the other Guardian Angels as well. If you don’t already know the day of the week you were born, now is a good time to look it up. You can easily Google it by searching “day of the week” and then add your birthday for example,  “day of week December 12, 1985” will show Thursday.

  • Born on Monday? Archangel Gabriel is your Guardian.
  • Born on Tuesday? Archangel Camael (Chamuel) is your Guardian.
  • Born on Wednesday? Archangel Michael is your Guardian.
  • Born on Thursday? Archangel Zadkiel is your Guardian.
  • Born on Friday? Archangel Haniel is your Guardian.
  • Born on Saturday? Archangel Cassiel is your Guardian.
  • Born on Sunday? Archangel Raphael is your Guardian.

I was born on a Tuesday so my birth guardian is Camael. Have fun determining who your guardian is – and let me know. I’ll post some special information about your guardian.

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles!