Stress Reduction Energy Exercise #1

Hear, See, Speak no evil for businessDear Angel Friends,

At some point everyone looks for it. Some people find it, some people don’t. Some people have it but lose it, while others never get to have it at all. What is it that so many are looking for? It’s a simple, easy way to relax, reduce stress, and feel better.

In this fast-paced world we live in multi-tasking is the “norm” rather than the occasional need to do more. Juggling responsibilities like this can at times be a difficult balancing act. The problem is, balancing our lives in such a way can actually leave us quite out of balance. That is, out of balance with regard to the subtle energy fields governing the health of our body, mind and soul.

Balance of the Body, Mind and Soul is crucial to our health and well-being. You’ve probably heard that before, but if you’re one of those people who just don’t have time to spend hours each week at the gym, doing yoga or meditating, then you might want to try these energy exercises. They could be just what you’re looking for, and once you find them, they’re easy to hold on to, they’re yours to keep.

But you might be wondering “what are energy exercises?”

Those that follow traditional Eastern medicine believe that health is a function of the flow of subtle energy in and around the body. When the energy flows freely, there is health, but when obstructed there is discomfort and dis-ease, that can eventually lead to disease.

Many things can cause blocks in a person’s natural energy flow, one of which is stress. We now know the health ramifications of stress left unattended and unfortunately we are seeing more and more chronic stress-related diseases surfacing. The exercises here are based on the pioneering work of the late Dr. Randolph Stone’s Polarity Therapy theory. They are simple movements or positions that help unblock and balance subtle energy, strengthening various systems within the body. These energy exercises are simple, no equipment is needed, and only take a few minutes to do. I hope they will become a handy tool for managing your daily stress.

The angels are telling me to share with you these exercises, one each day for three days. They are simple but have so much benefit. Why not keep them in your relaxation “tool box” to pull out any time you need them.

Here is the first of the Energy Balancing Exercises for Stress Reduction, Relaxation and for Discovering a Happier, Healthier You!

The Wise Man is an exercise that balances the five senses through finger positions placed on the face in a certain pattern.

• Get comfortable either sitting at a table where you can rest your elbows, or in a chair leaning over with your elbows resting on your knees, or sitting cross-legged on the floor resting your elbow on your knees

• Place your figures in the following positions
o Thumbs in ears
o Index fingers lightly over the eyes
o Middle fingers on the sides of the nose
o Ring fingers on the top lip
o Pinkie above the chin
o Hold this position breathing normally for a few minutes

• The use of Lavender essential oil reduces stress and promotes a calmness and overall state of well-being. When you are feeling stressed, use this oil in a diffuser or boil some water, remove the pot from the stove, add a few drops of lavender oil into the water, and breathe in the aroma. Note that pure essential oils should not be used on the skin.

Happy balancing!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam


Why Wait for Thanksgiving


Dear Angel Friends,

The angels ask us “Why wait for Thanksgiving to count your blessings?” This is a very good point. Many of us do give thanks for all that’s good in our lives and we do so, often. But many of us don’t. It’s not that we aren’t grateful for the many blessings we have – people in our lives, good jobs, homes, food, etc. but rather that we lead busy lives and often are preoccupied. Maybe this message from the angels comes to help us slow down enough to “smell the flowers” – notice their beauty and be grateful to have that opportunity.

Take a few moments today to stop and acknowledge all that you are thankful for. Acknowledge it out loud or silently to yourself – it doesn’t matter. If there are people in your life you are thankful for, go a step further and express your gratefulness directly to them today. It not only will make you feel good, but will likely brighten their day.

Being truly grateful for all the abundance in your life is the best way to continue to receive more blessings. What are you grateful for? Why wait for Thanksgiving to express your feelings?

I’m grateful for my family, my friends, the angels, my mentors, the readers of this blog (that’s you), my life experiences (all of them)…and this is just a start! Thank you angels for the reminder!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam



Be Kind to Yourself

Goldener Engelsflügel/Engel in warmem Licht

Dear Angel Friends,

The angels want us to practice kindness by first starting with being kind to ourselves. The angels see our inner beauty where often, what we see are only flaws.  The angels know our value as human beings – as they only see our Divinity. The angels love us unconditionally, and want us to love ourselves the same. They want us to know that kindness is not only for giving away to others (although spreading kindness is important), but they tell us that in being kind to ourselves, everyone wins.

If you have difficulty being kind to yourself or criticize yourself often in a very judgmental way, call to Archangel Camael, the angel of courage, for help. Ask for the courage to let go of self-judgement and inner negative talk that criticizes and keeps you feeling down. Ask Camael to help replace the negative talk with positive words and encouragement and repeat over and over and over.  Ask Camael to help bring your feelings about yourself to a place of appreciation for all you have accomplished in your life so far. Ask Camael to help you look at the future in a positive, enthusiastic way for all the good things you have yet to experience. Ask Camael to help you see your inner beauty as the angels see it – through the eyes of love. Do this daily if possible.

Your Daily request to Camael might be something like this:

Camael, Camael, Camael, please be with me now and help me to have the courage to let go of all the negative talk that keeps me feeling down. Please open my eyes to all I have already accomplished so that I may see my value and be inspired. And with this new sense of self-worth, help me to create the life I so deserve to live. In Love and Light, Love and Light, Love and Light. Thank you Archangel Camael.

Or Camael says you can simply say the following affirmation:

Through my eyes, I see my inner beauty. Through my heart, I cherish my inner beauty. Through my mind, I’m inspired by my inner beauty. Each day I send myself love and each day my beauty grows.  I accept these thoughts as part of me. And so it is.

By the way angel friends, Camael is my birth guardian because I was born on a Tuesday. She has helped me a lot on this score! I hope she can help you too.

In Love, Light, and Angel Blessings, Pam



Imagine Good Thoughts

cheerful close up coffee cup
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Dear Angel Friends,

Napoleon Hill  once said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” This has been part of my belief system for a long time and relates very much to the law of attraction – that which is like itself is drawn. In other words, we bring into our life experience those things most like the thoughts we’re focused on.

So what if we begin to imagine we live a life of abundance? What is it that you will conceive and believe and achieve? What abundances do you want to draw into our life? Take some time to give this thought.

Whatever it is you wish to add into your life, call upon Archangel Zadkiel, angel of abundance, for help. He will help you first acknowledge all the abundance you already have in your life. He will then help you to understand how to manifest your desires by working with the energies of abundance through the law of attraction.

Zadkiel shares:

First create a clear picture in your mind of what you want to bring into your life. Then  take that picture and imagine  your desire is already part of your life. See it in as much detail as possible. As you do this, begin to believe your desire is already part of you, then feel what that feels like.  Imprint this feeling within your heart and hold onto the feeling as long as possible. Continue to imagine, believe and feel your desire as part of you, and do this often throughout the days.  Depending on how much allowance or resistance you hold, will determine the length of time it takes to bring your desires into your reality. It also depends on if your desires serve your highest good. 

Zadkiel also wants you to know that manifesting  thought form happens whether or not you hold conscious, unconscious, or subconscious thoughts about your desire. So, it’s important to keep a positive vibration going – and one way to do that is to show gratefulness for all the abundance already part of your life (including that desire you’re conceiving, believing, and feeling).

Positive Affirmation: I imagine good thoughts for myself and others everyday.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam






Gabriel’s Moon

illustration of moon showing during sunset
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Dear Angel Friends,

Archangel Gabriel is ruler of the Moon and all its wonderful, creative powers. Working with his moon energies is a great way for brining in something you want into your life. Here’s how.

Think of it this way: When a container is full and it can’t hold anything more, what do you need to do if you want to fill it with something new? Well, you could squeeze the new something into the container but then everything in it will be squished and not in its best form. So, in order to make room in the container you need to remove something first.  The same is true in our life. In order to create something new, we must make room in our “life container,” and to do that we need to let go of something. Working with Gabriel’s moon energies can help.

When the moon is full and it can’t hold anything more this is the perfect time to let go of something to make room. So, at a full moon (the day before, the day of, or the day after will work), call to Gabriel to help you let go of what no longer serves you. It doesn’t matter whether you know what that is or not, just asking will be enough because Gabriel already knows. Try to spend at least 10 minutes in a meditative state to help this release. Do this during the 3 day period as many times as you can (but once is ok too).

Once you have worked on releasing, you have now made room to add something wonderful into your life – so on the next new moon, you’ll want to call Gabriel for help in bringing in your new something. Again, work with Gabriel on this the day before, the day of, or the day after the new moon for at least 10 minutes.

For those reading this currently, the next full moon is Tuesday, February 19, 2019 and the next new moon is Wednesday, March 6, 2019. Here is a simple way to call to Gabriel for this purpose.

Full Moon: Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel, please be with me now, and through the power of your full moon energies, help me to let go of and release anything no longer serving my highest good so that I can make room for new possibilities. Thank you Archangel Gabriel.

New Moon: Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel, please be with me now, and through the power of your new moon energies, help me to allow into my life, all wonderful new possibilities which are now and always for my highest good. Thank you Archangel Gabriel.

This is a great tool to have. Holding a moonstone while you are working with Gabriel will also increase the intensity of your connection. Doing the meditation outside in the full moon light or under the new moon will also add to the power of the moon energies, but either are not necessary to work with Gabriel and his moon energies.

In Love, Light, and Angel Blessings, Pam



Prayer of Saint Francis

Saint Francis

 Saint Francis of Assisi,  Patron Saint of Animals and Nature 

Dear Angel Friends,

Archangel Raphael, angel of healing, is nudging me today to bring you the Prayer of Saint Francis.  This prayer is very dear to my heart. I worked over 10 years at Saint Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY and each morning at 8am this prayer was recited over the intercom, usually by one of the Sisters of St. Francis. No matter what I was doing at that time, I would always stop and listen to the prayer – and it brought me such peace.  What a wonderful way to start each day – no wonder I loved working there so much!

Anyway, when Raphael nudges me, I listen. So for whatever his reason…here it is. I hope these words find their way deep into your heart, and you find peace within.

Lord make me an instrument of your peace
Where there is hatred let me sow love
Where there is injury, pardon
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is darkness, light
And where there is sadness, joy

O Divine Master grant that I may
Not so much seek to be consoled as to console
To be understood as to understand
To be loved as to love
For it is in giving that we receive
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam


A Sign from Above

cardinalDear Angel Friends,

A friend shared a beautiful post on my FB timeline and with permission of the owners of the YouTube video, I am able to share this amazing story with you. If you have any doubt that our deceased loved ones go to Heaven, this video will reassure you they do.

“A 97-year-old woman passed away and her family asked her to send a sign when she made it to heaven. They specifically asked for a cardinal to be involved. The day after the woman’s memorial service, they heard something at the window – a cardinal. They went outside and this is what happened…” 

Featured here are Deborah Patteson and her sister, Jeanne Wright who lost their mother, Dorothy Booth. The rights to this video belong to the sisters, their husbands, David Wright and Brian Patteson, and to Angela Patteson.

Signs come to us in all different ways. This was a heartwarming and truly amazing story! And Yes, our deceased loved one do go to Heaven! May this knowledge bring comfort to the hearts of those who grieve from the passing of a loved one.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam


Angels and Stones

photography of stones
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Dear Angel Friends,

If you want to increase the intensity of your connection with one of the Sacred Seven and/or your birth guardian, hold their associated stone in your receiving hand (left if you are right-handed and right if you are left-handed). Place the stone in your hand and bring it to your heart, cover with the other hand, close your eyes and call your angel’s name three times. Be still and allow yourself to receive your angelic guidance.

To increase your connection with Archangel Gabriel, especially on a Monday, hold a moonstone.

To increase your connection with Archangel Camael, especially on a Tuesday, hold a carnelian.

To increase your connection with Archangel Michael, especially on a Wednesday, hold a turquoise.

To increase your connection with Archangel Zadkiel, especially on a Thursday, hold an amethyst.

To increase your connection with Archangel Haniel, especially on a Friday, hold a rose quartz.

To increase your connection with Archangel Cassiel, especially on a Saturday, hold an apache tear.

To increase your connection with Archangel Raphael, especially on a Sunday, hold a clear quartz.

If you don’t have access to these stones, using a clear quartz crystal will help because it holds the vibration of all the colors.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam

A Valentine’s Day Message

watercolor wings and a heart isolated on white background beautifulDear Angel Friends,

Archangel Haniel, the Angel of Love, brings a message to you on Valentine’s Day.

Regardless of whether you have a romantic partner in your life, let this not be the only day you express your love to the world. To begin with, the person you must come to know and love, first and foremost, is yourself. Without love of self, it is very difficult to give and to receive love of others without conditions. This is called conditional love. These conditions may not appear evident because they are created through false images of self-doubt and insecurity and most often are not part of your conscious awareness. Something sparks the insecurity and then your protective defense scripts begin to take over –  if you really loved me, you would (or wouldn’t) do this…or that… Or , I’m alone and unloveable so, I must do this (or shouldn’t do that) and then I’ll be loved. And hence the conditions roll forth and on. 

Yet, your most beneficial defense against living with conditional love is to rid yourself of self-doubt and insecurity as much as is possible. Call upon me, Haniel, for help. Allow me to bring to you and surround you with pure unconditional love so that you may understand what it feels like. Breathe my love into your heart and  allow it to be absorbed into every cell of your body. Exhale all that is not love, releasing doubt and insecurity and all other non-beneficial thoughts and feelings. Bring in my love energy and know without a bit of  doubt that your are loved for now and through eternity. And so be the light of love for yourself and for all the world from this moment forward.  Much Love to You.

May this Valentine’s Day be blessed with love, whether for yourself, a special someone, the entire world, or all of the mentioned…let the light of love be shared today and each day of the year.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam







May_29Dear Angel Friends,

This past Sunday I did a talk and book signing at the Kingston Barnes & Noble. I was so pleased to meet and spend time with such a wonderful group of people and would like to thank all those who took time from their Sunday afternoon to join me.  I especially enjoyed the questions and sharing of stories following the presentation and then again afterwards when I got to speak with each person individually. The angels were all around us that day and now, I hope I have sparked an interest that leads you to developing an everlasting relationship with them (especially with your Guardian Angel).

Sometimes when I receive messages they come to me for someone else. When that happens I give the person the message (if they want it – remember the free will factor). Anyway, I received a message for one member of Sunday’s group today – but the reason I’m writing about it here is because it’s a message that many people will be able to relate to so I felt it important to share.

To the woman in Sunday’s group that said to me, “I’m just level one Reiki, not good enough to…” This is the message that came to me from the angels to you… “You are a healer and healers help people in different ways. Look upon your healing gift as being transmitted through a skill you call Reiki but which is actually part of a whole energy system of love healing. Know that your skill level of Reiki one matters not to those you work with because an assigned level is not where your healing comes from. Your healing gift comes solely from your heart. You are a true healer, a natural healer. Share your gifts with others often and with true authentic heart intention – as level matters not – and those will heal to their highest good point at this moment of time. Have awareness that in doing this work, so shall you heal yourself.”

Of course this message can relate to anything you are doing where you are feeling unsure of yourself – whether or not you’re doing “it” right or what you have to say is important enough for people to listen. It’s really all about self-confidence, or lack of. So, to help in any situation where you are insecure about yourself, a skill, a job,  role you need or want to play – call up Archangel Camael for help  in building a strong foundation so you can stand strong as you work toward developing whatever it is you wish to succeed at. Then call to Archangel Gabriel to help you manifest your hopes and dreams into reality. Enjoy the process.

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam