Angels Suggest Re-Posts

Dear Angel Friends, The angels have encouraged me to write another book.  I’ve started this process but it has taken much of my free time and therefore I have not been posting new material to this blog.  This has bothered me greatly but the angels, as always, have come through! The angels have suggested, andContinue reading “Angels Suggest Re-Posts”

A Valentine’s Day Message

Dear Angel Friends, Archangel Haniel, the Angel of Love, brings a message to you on Valentine’s Day. Regardless of whether you have a romantic partner in your life, let this not be the only day you express your love to the world. To begin with, the person you must come to know and love, firstContinue reading “A Valentine’s Day Message”

What are Angels?

  Dear Angel Friends, This post is for those who are new to the world of angels and are curious. Here is a brief description of some basics. For more information scroll through any of my previous posts. Ok, here goes… Angels have been part of religious and spiritual belief systems since ancient times andContinue reading “What are Angels?”

The Shallow

Dear Angel Friends, Have you seen the movie A Star is Born? It’s a romantic drama starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper – early in the movie the couple sings a beautiful duet called “Shallow.” Even if you haven’t seen the movie chances are you’ve heard the song on the radio. I mention this songContinue reading “The Shallow”

A Basic Invocation

A basic invocation technique: Sit in a comfortable position with straight back and feet flat on the floor, place palms face up resting on your lap Take three slow, deep breaths releasing any tension you feel as you exhale When you are ready, close your eyes and continue to focus on your breath As youContinue reading “A Basic Invocation”

Archangel Sandalphon

The angels communicate to us in various ways. Some receive through seeing (clairvoyance), some hear (clairaudience), feel (clairsentience), or just know (claircognizance). The angels are nudging me to talk about Clairaudience. Clairaudient messages come from the angels in many ways. For example, you might hear words, phrases or sounds out loud as if someone wasContinue reading “Archangel Sandalphon”

No Mystery Involved

Dear Angel Friends, There is no mystery in how the angels commune with us. It may be different for different individuals, but basically the angels provide messages that can either be seen, heard, felt, smelled, or just “known.” Unless you are able to recognize their presence and understand how you receive their messages, you mayContinue reading “No Mystery Involved”