Dear Angel Friends, This past Sunday I did a talk and book signing at the Kingston Barnes & Noble. I was so pleased to meet and spend time with such a wonderful group of people and would like to thank all those who took time from their Sunday afternoon to join me.  I especially enjoyedContinue reading “Self-Confidence”

What are Angels?

  Dear Angel Friends, This post is for those who are new to the world of angels and are curious. Here is a brief description of some basics. For more information scroll through any of my previous posts. Ok, here goes… Angels have been part of religious and spiritual belief systems since ancient times andContinue reading “What are Angels?”

Signs from Deceased Loved Ones

Dear Angel Friends, Did you read yesterday’s story update, Messages from Heaven, contributed by Patricia McNamara Cassidy? She gave an account of finding feathers numerous times and in all different locations shortly after her beloved brother, John, passed away. It was so clear to her that these findings were messages to let her and herContinue reading “Signs from Deceased Loved Ones”

Angel Messages and Clairvoyance

Dear Angel Friends, The angels send messages in ways that you are best able to receive them. Some people receive through “sight” while others receive by “hearing, feeling or knowing.” Today the angels want me to talk about receiving Clairvoyant messages. Clairvoyance refers to seeing your messages, or “clear seeing.” You may “see” through yourContinue reading “Angel Messages and Clairvoyance”

Haniel’s Healing Heart

Dear Angel Friends, If you’re experiencing low level emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, frustration, low self-esteem, depression or feelings of being overwhelmed, call to Archangel Haniel for help. If your heart has been broken due to a relationship split, the death of a loved one, or even through some sort of disappoint – orContinue reading “Haniel’s Healing Heart”

Monday’s Gabriel

Hello Angel Friends, As many of you know Archangel Gabriel is guardian to those born on a Monday. But if you weren’t born on Monday, you can still call Gabriel into your life to help you achieve your hopes and dreams. One of the ways I’ve worked with Gabriel is in helping me develop aContinue reading “Monday’s Gabriel”

An Archangel Raphael Blessing

Dear Angel Friends, Here is a Raphael blessing and affirmation for you. In Love, Light and Blessings, Pam Archangel Raphael’s Blessing Let my healing ray of love surround and comfort you. Let my healing light shine through you and ease your pain. Let my blessings bestow upon you a sense of hope and faith. LetContinue reading “An Archangel Raphael Blessing”

Message from the Angels

Dear Angel Friends, This message comes directly from the Angels today. It was brought into my awareness both claircognizantly and clairaudiently. Disconnect from the mass mindset that you are separate from one another and embrace the thought that you are all part of the same energy mass. By opening your mind to this concept, youContinue reading “Message from the Angels”

The Shallow

Dear Angel Friends, Have you seen the movie A Star is Born? It’s a romantic drama starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper – early in the movie the couple sings a beautiful duet called “Shallow.” Even if you haven’t seen the movie chances are you’ve heard the song on the radio. I mention this songContinue reading “The Shallow”

An Angel Affirmation

Dear Angel Friends, An affirmation from the angels for you with love. The Angels watch over me always. When I am sad the Angels comfort me. When I am afraid the Angels protect me. When I feel alone the Angels shine their love and light upon me and fill me with their presence.  I knowContinue reading “An Angel Affirmation”