Pink is for Haniel

Dear Angel Friends, Call upon Archangel Haniel for all matters involving the heart. To bring her energy closer to you wear something pink or carry a pink stone such as Rose Quartz with you. Her governing day is Friday, so if you were born on a Friday, Haniel is your birth guardian. In Love, LightContinue reading “Pink is for Haniel”

A Sign from Above

Dear Angel Friends, A friend shared a beautiful post on my FB timeline and with permission of the owners of the YouTube video, I am able to share this amazing story with you. If you have any doubt that our deceased loved ones go to Heaven, this video will reassure you they do. “A 97-year-oldContinue reading “A Sign from Above”

An Archangel Raphael Blessing

Dear Angel Friends, Here is a Raphael blessing and affirmation for you. In Love, Light and Blessings, Pam Archangel Raphael’s Blessing Let my healing ray of love surround and comfort you. Let my healing light shine through you and ease your pain. Let my blessings bestow upon you a sense of hope and faith. LetContinue reading “An Archangel Raphael Blessing”

No Mystery Involved

Dear Angel Friends, There is no mystery in how the angels commune with us. It may be different for different individuals, but basically the angels provide messages that can either be seen, heard, felt, smelled, or just “known.” Unless you are able to recognize their presence and understand how you receive their messages, you mayContinue reading “No Mystery Involved”

Thursday’s Guardian

Hello Angel Friends. If you were born on Thursday, your primary guardian is Zadkiel. Helping you identify and embrace the abundance in your life is one of Zadkiel’s gifts. Do you often speak of what you don’t have, what you wish you had, or what someone else has that you don’t? This is coming fromContinue reading “Thursday’s Guardian”