Love and Compassion for Self

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Hello Angel Friends,

Today the angels want me to bring to your attention the importance of Self-Love. If you are they type of person who often criticizes yourself – judging your thoughts or your actions more harshly than you would perhaps judge others given the same circumstances, today, the angels are talking directly to you!

When we are critical of ourselves we are blocking the flow of life-force energy (known as Chi or Prana). If we continue in this manner, eventually self-judgement becomes a pattern of behavior holding us hostage to our flawed thinking that we are less than, or less deserving than, something or someone else. Continuing in this way may lead to a “frozen heart,” one that blocks the flow of love energy in or out.

Archangel Haniel, the angel of love and compassion, is here to help. Whether your heart is frozen due to being overly self-critical, or you just need some help learning to love yourself, call to Haniel to be with you as you work through this exercise for holding yourself in love and compassion. (Note, Haniel asks that you pause after each statement below, giving yourself time to feel into the process.)

Place your hands upon your heart and take three slow deep breaths as you quiet the chatter of your mind by focusing on your breath – then continue to breath normally. 

Begin to feel the weight and warmth of your hands upon your heart.

Feel the warmth as you securely hold your heart in your hands.

Feel how safe and secure your heart feels being held by you.

Feel how safe you are in this moment.

Feel how secure you are in this moment.

Bring those feelings of safety and security into every cell of your body.

Say out loud or silently to yourself while still holding your heart – take a deep breath to help you feel into each statement.

“I am safe.”  Breathe

“I am secure.”  Breathe

“I let go of all self-judgements.” Breathe

“I release all negative self-talk.” Breathe. 

“I am perfect the way I am.” Breathe.

“I hold myself in love and compassion.” Breathe.

“Love and compassion.” Breathe.

“Love and compassion.” Breathe.

“And I do so, from this moment forward.” Breathe.

 Now hold these thoughts, hold these feelings…as you continue to hold your heart and breathe into it all for as long as is comfortable. Then slowly remove your hands from your heart, take a deep slow breath and if possible, drink a glass of water.

Don’t forget to thank Haniel for being with you!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam










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