When There Are No Signs

wings of angel on the blue sky

Hello Angel Friends,

A reader posed a question the other day about what it means if you do not receive any signs from your deceased loved ones. I really didn’t know so I asked the angels for help. Of course they gave me clarity and I did pass it on, but thought it might be important to some of you to know also. So, this is about why you may not be receiving signs, or don’t realize that you are. It was explained to me that:

While a person who passes away leaves their physical body in a process called death, their soul never dies. In the same way that a person has responsibilities and life lessons to learn while on earth, so do souls have soul lessons they must attend to while in the non-physical. Depending on where a soul is in their process, determines the strength of their energy and it takes a fair amount of energy to send those signs we receive on earth. So some are able to and some are not as able. Some signs are stronger and more obvious and other signs are weaker or more subtle. Sometimes the angels help soul energies send signs to loved ones here on earth. But us loved ones need to ask the angels for help (it’s a free will thing).

So, you might want call on the angels and ask them to help you receive a sign from your deceased loved one. Just know that signs come in many different ways, not just seeing things like finding coins or feathers. A sign could also come through hearing the words to a song that remind you of something your loved one once said. Or catching a waft of fragrance that reminds you of your loved one, or looking up at the sky and seeing a cloud formation that has meaning. Even when thoughts of your loved one pop into your mind, those are signs too. Signs can come in ways that we recognize through any of our senses. So, you may have been receiving signs all along but not realized it. Now you can be more aware of how the signs come. Try to let go of any doubt and be open to receiving your signs in any form they may come.

But signs or not, never worry that your loved ones have forgotten you or moved on. You and your soul energy are part of their soul group, so you will always be connected. Know that they are always watching over you and will always, always, and forever, love you.

I hope this helps anyone who is wondering why they have not received signs. Letting go of the doubt and opening to receiving the signs in any form they may come is key!

In Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Pam

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