See, Hear, Feel, Know…


Hello Angel Friends.

As you may know, the angels are always with us. Their guidance is always gentle, loving, positive and inspiring. But how do we recognize that the angels are near? Well, you need to know the signs. I mentioned a few ways in the Welcome section of this blog, but to repeat, when you find a feather or a coin, the angels are near. When you hear words from a song repetitively in your mind, the angels are trying to give you a message. When you see repetition in numbers whether on a clock, license plates, or street signs, the angels are making known their presence. But did you know that when you have a “gut” feeling, or you just “know” something with no likely point of reference, these too are signs from the angels?

How we receive our guidance is totally individualized. One person may “see” while another may “hear” or “feel,” and then there are those who just “know.” The angels communicate with us in ways that we are most likely to recognize and understand their messages.

Many years ago I started out feeling the presence of angels in my life. How do you know the angels are near?

In Love and Light and Angel Sparkles.


Published by Pamela Landolt Green

Pamela Landolt Green is an energy healer and teacher who brings the Angels into the lives of those who want to know them. Her journey began over 30 years ago when she was guided by an “inner voice” to seek alternative care for the management of her 1 ½ year old baby boy’s severe and life-threatening food allergies. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the guidance she received was that of the Angels and it led her to Homeopathy, a holistic healing system which stimulates a person’s natural healing powers. This led to a life-long adventure into the world of natural healing, and the Angels have guided her every step of the way. As founder of Discovering Angels Academy, Pamela offers online instruction through her My Angel Guidance training programs currently offering a 4-week program, Discovering Angels: My Guardian. Pamela is dedicated to spreading Love and Light to the world and it is through her work, that lives are touched by the Angels, and people are living happier, healthier lives. Pamela holds a Master of Metaphysical Sciences, is a Registered Polarity, Angelic-Healing, Crystal Healing, and Reiki II practitioner, a Certified Bio-Energy Field Transmitter, and a Certified Angel Card Reader. She is author of Discovering Angels: How to Invite Angels into Your Life for Peace, Tranquility, and Personal Change. All of Pamela’s work is guided by the gentle touch of the Angels. In Love, Light and Angel Blessings to all.

4 thoughts on “See, Hear, Feel, Know…

    1. The Angel’s are making themselves known to you in wonderful ways. Keep acknowledging their presence!
      In Love, Light and Angel Blessings!


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